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[MOD] Contest Results [Sat . Aug . 12 . 06 at 07:34 pm]


The Caption Contest voting is closed. Counted all the votes, and the winner with, with 8 votes, iiiiiiiiis *ZOMGDRUMROLL!*


YAY. With the caption, "... Don't think I didn't see you looking at my man. DDDD:", for this photo. lmao.

What was the prize? Oh yeah, a custom-made icon or wallpaper from coffeemilk. Lols.

And no it wasn't fixed, I know they're both mods. XD

Thankyou to everyone who entered and voted. ♥

The next contest will probably be a caption contest... Can anyone think of anything more original? :O

Btw, now we have 65 members! :O! Wow, keep promoting, guys. ^____^

P.S. Comment screening should be off now. XDDDD;;
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[MOD] CONTEST VOTING!~ [Thu . Aug . 03 . 06 at 05:53 pm]


OMG I'M LATE. But you didn't notice. >.>;;

Time for Voting on the Caption Contest! To vote, just reply to this entry with what number caption you want to win, comments will be screened. There wasn't alot of entries, but I didn't expect much, as it is our first, and we don't have loads of members. Entrants are allowed to vote too~ 8D Feel free to vote for yourselves. XDD

entries under the cut!Collapse )

BTW, does anyone wanna make banners to help promote the community? That would be awesome. *_*
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[MOD] Contest Reminder, and me screwing up everything. 8D [Tue . Aug . 01 . 06 at 09:44 am]


The contest has been extended, so the deadline is now, TOMORROW. The 2nd of August, cause I forgot it was August today. o____O Uh, Happy August everyone?

Anyway, enter the contest! 8D You know you want to. It's dead easy. o__o

Also, I know that comments in entries are all automatically screened. This is because I'm obviously a complete moron and messed things up with the default settings. XDD Once the contest is over, comments will be non-screened as usual. ^^;;
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Yey Soymilk!!!\^____^/ [Tue . Jul . 25 . 06 at 07:49 pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yey i did!! I took a pic with Soymilk!!!^_____________^~
Me and my friends, drinking peach soymilk! *yummmy*
Soymilk forever!!! =]

(the pics on my LJ)

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Ooh an upload. [Wed . Jul . 19 . 06 at 01:28 am]

[ mood | awake ]

I decided to be random and upload something from one of Shou's previous bands. :D

No, not from Givuss but from a side-project-thing called Kijintan with Ryouhei (soon to be ex-Ayabie) and Oto (ex-KuRt). If I'm wrong someone please correct me. ^^;

Anyhow, links are here:

Kijintan-Isu hime denki


Also, don't forget our mock_shou caption contest! :D

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Soy Milk Proposal... [Tue . Jul . 18 . 06 at 04:53 pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

I would like to make a proposal in response to nightrays's post about soy milk... ((xD)) ... I propose an affiliate community of sorts... O___o"!

... the theme, obviously SOY MILK! xD

Not sure whether this is a good idea or not... but, of course, that crazy banner that we all LURVE, by nightrays... that inspired this... so... TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! ~ o ~


... btw... YamaPI says;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*((laugh)) FLEE!!!!*
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[MOD] CONTEST! :O [Fri . Jul . 14 . 06 at 08:41 am]


Lykomg, this community is actually doing something! 8D

We have 56 members! :D Wow! Keep spreading the word~


This is a caption contest! I provide the photo, and you must caption it! The photo is here!Collapse )

So simply reply to this entry with a caption(s) (the comments will be screened), and on 1st August, the contest will be closed and there will be another entry that you can all vote on to find which caption is the best/funniest/mockingiest. x_x

The priiiiize! is a custom-made icon or wallpaper by coffeemilk, cause she rules and let me lend her skillz0rz out. o__o

If you have any questions, just ask, I hope this all makes sense. >.>;;

So get captioning and have fun! 8D
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[Mon . Jul . 03 . 06 at 09:46 am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello I'm new ^.^ *waves alice nine flag* << Did some captions, I don't know if they're allowed ^.^ but I guess we can make fun of everyone of them not only Shou, can't we?
Well, let's see if I can do a LJ cut

The first cut is the deepestCollapse )

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speshul mod post. [Mon . Jul . 03 . 06 at 12:36 am]

[ mood | calm ]

Why, hello there, little ones. o_o

I'm Lain, one of the mods AND I NOW OWN YOU ALL, YOU MUST BOW DOWN TO ME AND GIVE ME ALL THE FREE COOKIES-just kidding. o_o;

I come to you with a suggestion based on a recent Shou diary entry found here. As some of you may know, Shou loves his soy milk. :D He loves it lots. And after seeing that post, I have decided that Shou is a soy milk promoter in disguise. To honor his mission to make sure that people drink soy milk, I have come up with this odd meme:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The International Shou Soy Milk Campaign!
We can't let Shou promote soy milk on his own! ;~; Take a picture of yourself with a glass/box of soy milk in hand that shows that you're happy with your soy milk and post it to your LJ. ;~; We must spread the wod about soy milk.


If you think this is stupid, say so. ;_;

*runs like hell.*
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[MOD] omgfirstpost. :O! [Sat . Jul . 01 . 06 at 08:20 pm]



This community is brand spanking new. So we need stuffs. D: Like icons, banners, etc. Contribute!~

And post them as new entries so it makes us look active! 8D
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